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The Funeral Planner


:: The Funeral Planner :: The Funeral Planner
Goes to Washington
:: The Funeral Planner
Goes Global

Madison Banks has brilliant ideas and an Ivy League degree in Entrepreneurial Studies to go with them.

But no matter how hard she tries, she fails to get lift off on her start-ups, and is constantly usurped by her arch nemesis, the arrogant Derek Rogers.

When Madison attends her college classmate’s funeral, she launches the goldmine idea of the century and finds handsome venture capitalist Victor Winston to back it.

Between the trials and tribulations of growing a business, competing with copy-cat Derek Rogers, facing unresolved grief, accepting love and trusting faith…Madison learns that celebrating life is the self-worth that caps net-worth any day.

If you want to learn how to celebrate life and start a business in an emerging field, or any field… The Funeral Planner is a fictional manual for the ambitiously-inclined determined to create a life worth living.

:: The Funeral Planner Press Release (23.June.2010)

:: The Funeral Planner Press Release (1st Edition)


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