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Author Power

Take control of your CAREER, your CONTENT, and your PAYCHECK!

  • Author Power is a comprehensive approach to a new way of publishing that puts the economic power back into the pen and wallet of the author. This book teaches you how to leverage the advent of technology and changing economic models to protect the livelihood of the creator. Author Power guides authors through every step in a new way of publishing, whether it’s self-publishing, hybrid or partnership publishing, or even traditional publishing. It opens the pages and shifts the paradigm to honor the words of expression, new ideas, and the inherent foundations of democracy. Are you ready?

    • Generate income from your writing BEFORE you publish
    • Learn how to create, build, and leverage assets
    • Learn how to make cross-promotional opportunities
    • Learn to identify, craft and close new revenue streams
    • Apply new tools and platforms for book discoverability
    • Develop guts, imagination, and persistence as keys to success
  • Lynn Isenberg distills her success as a content marketing innovator into her critically acclaimed new book AUTHOR POWER: Profit Before You Publish. As an author advocate, Isenberg paves the way for content creators and publishers across all platforms to generate alternative revenue streams and profits against a shrinking literary economy. Isenberg crafts, closes and delivers on multi-platform branded entertainment properties for authors, publishers, producers, and brands such as Marriott, HermanMiller, Legacy.com, Dignity Memorial, HaloPets, 1800Flowers.com, Paramount Pictures, TaylorMade Golf, Sundance, Activision, etc. via case studies, roadmaps, tools, and techniques featured in Author Power that yielded over six-figures during the great recession. Her novels include The Funeral Planner Trilogy Comedy, My Life Uncovered, and the upcoming Wet Hippies and The Field. She’s been featured on NBC, CBS, NPR, international media, and is a Celebrity Partner to 1800Flowers.com and Dignity Memorial. She executive produced The Funeral Planner Digital Series featuring singer-celebrity Joss Stone. Her novels have been optioned for television. In addition to her film, TV, internet and publishing credits, Isenberg founded the renown Hollywood LIT Retreat: Literature. Intelligence. Technology. Isenberg’s umbrella company, Focus Media, Inc. provides marketing, business development, and consulting. FocusMediaMarketing.com

  • For anyone who wants to write a book and be compensated for it, this is a must read. Using case studies based on her own successful journey, Isenberg delivers an informative “how to” that teaches authors how to negotiate the new frontier of publishing, and – just as importantly – how to make money before they’re even out of the gate.Pablo Fenjves, NYT Times Bestselling Author & Screenwriter, Man on a Ledge

    Author Power is like jet fuel for next-age publishing and promotion that leverages an author’s creative assets (and energy) to amplify all possible revenue streams. Ignore this book at your peril.Jon Samsel, CMO, Coin of Sale; Author, Writing for Interactive MultiMedia

    Lynn shares her secrets on how to leverage story into profit and that’s the genius of Author Power!Frank Beddor, Author/ Producer, The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy, There’s Something About Mary, Wicked, The Juliet

    Lynn shares her secrets on how to leverage story into profit and that’s the genius of Author Power!Frank Beddor, Author/ Producer, The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy, There’s Something About Mary, Wicked, The Juliet

    Author Power is a game changer – shifting the economic power of writing into the hands of the writers.Andrew Bird, Marketing Leader, Deloitte; Author, Putting the Profit in Nonprofit

    Every author, whether they are traditionally published, self-published or aspiring, needs to read this book.SJ Hodges, Celebrity Ghostwritert

    Author Power creates a disruptive narrative on the form of narrative itself with advocacy for writers everywhere and at every stage of their careers.Josh Linkner, CEO/Managing Partner, Detroit Venture Partners; NY Times Bestselling Author, Disciplined Dreaming, The Road to Reinvention

    Author Power fast-tracks your publishing journey and gives you tools to compensate your hard work before your book leaves your desktop!Liz H. Kelly, Founder, Goody PR/Goody Awards; Author, Smart Man Hunting

    When the entertainment and advertising business changed forever with the evolution of the Internet and ubiquitous content, Lynn Isenberg not only reinvented herself, but reinvented ways to do business–innovating TV, web content, books, business, and ultimately box office. AUTHOR POWER makes convergence a reality, not a buzz word. Thanks Lynn, for putting into words what we all are experimenting with and validating new ways we will finance and consume content.Kevin Foxe, Producer/Director, The Blair Witch Project, Jackson Horn, The Ghost Experiment

  • For the past ten years I have worked as a ghostwriter/ editor/“birthing coach” for aspiring authors helping them to not only write/finish/edit their manuscripts but also guiding them through the traditional publishing process from book proposals all the way to hardcover in hand. In those ten years, I have watched, with great sadness, authors struggle at the Sisyphean task of bringing an idea from concept to completion only to discover at the end of the publishing process, they are flat out broke.

    It wasn’t always this way. Ten years ago, I helped an unknown first- time author with no platform sell a fiction novel off a book proposal for six figures in a bidding war. And yes, we all get our daily e-news from Publishers Weekly announcing the latest deals and yes, there are still a few writers (mostly well-established with huge platforms) walking away with big checks. What you don’t see is how much of those checks is then spent by the author on marketing, travel, product development, and social media maintenance.

    In this market, I’ve seen verifiable celebrities with weekly and global audiences in the millions receive almost insulting (and com- pletely unlivable) advance offers in the low teens. I’ve seen authors taken on by traditional publishers only because they, the authors, were able to foot the bill for the first thousand print copies and it is fairly standard practice now, within a book proposal, to indicate how many copies of your book you can personally purchase within the first year. This is the reality that all authors must accept: the publishing industry can no longer provide a living wage for the creation of new material.

    This is why, when Lynn Isenberg sent me her original manuscript for Author Power, I was beside myself with hope. Could a book really teach authors how to support themselves and their work in an era when content may be king but the creators are living like paupers? Was it really possible for an author to be pre-paid for their work by someone other than a traditional publisher? With new technology usurping and undermining the economic value of the written word, was it actually possible for an unknown author to clear a livable sal- ary in a year? I desperately wanted Lynn to be the real deal. Turns out, she was.

    I truly believe the best books are reflective not only of our beliefs, but of our lives, and Lynn has lived every word she’s written in Author Power. This book comes out of decades of her work as an author and as an artist advocate working in traditional publishing, Hollywood, self-publishing, and online. Because she crosses the borders, bobbing and weaving from the written page to the World Wide Web, she has an intimate awareness and involvement in a world that most authors never see: the digital monetization of their blood, sweat, and tears. And she’s no passive bystander. Lynn is in the trenches, representing herself, others from time to time, and by proxy, all authors as she appropriates the already well-established conventions Hollywood uses to brand, market, and sell content in order to skip past the “trickle down” of diluted and diminishing returns to get to the richer source — the mother lode of corporate sponsorship — directly.

    With that said, this book is not a “get rich quick” program with simplistic advice boiled down to memorable, but thoroughly unhelpful, platitudes. In these pages, Lynn shares exhaustive (and sometimes exhausting!) plans of how to monetize a manuscript all of which require a tireless enthusiasm for the work, a fearless bravadoto pick up the phone and a boundless imagination. Not every author is “built” for this publishing paradigm — the author as entrepreneur and impresario, the author as marketer, the author as brand — but for those who believe that the written word, in particular, their writ- ten word, must be read, Lynn offers up a path toward publishing that also pays the bills.

    Simply put, Author Power places profits back in the hands of creators.

    So I encourage you to read this book cover to cover and to enact and/or adapt Lynn’s ideas quickly. The writing life has changed and it will continue to change dramatically as self-publishing establishes its dominance. With e-books selling for $1.99 or less, it will take more than a part-time teaching job to subsidize your next novel. It will take gumption.

    Open up this book and get some.

    — SJ Hodges, Humanitas Award Winning Author

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  • Hollywood Insider and Author Advocate Lynn Isenberg releases “Author Power: Profit Before You Publish” PR Web
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