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Empowering the Author & Content Creator:

Writer Me meet Business Me

How I made $100K on my books before I published them

During the worst economic decline in American history since the Depression, Isenberg published four novels and an art book generating over $100,000 in cash and 1M shares in stock pre-publishing; i.e., before her content hit virtual and physical shelves. Then she repeated her success for an author client (announcement forthcoming). More clients started calling. Isenberg realized given only so many hours in this dimension, she could better serve collectively by teaching how to achieve revenue streams on intellectual property before taking it public.

An avant-garde visionary, Isenberg followed her heart and vision back to 1996 when she produced a packed-in seminar in Michigan on writing for multi-media and developed her theories. Later, having identified the future of publishing in 2005 and eager to test her patent pending methodologies but restrained by traditional publishing until a reversal of fortune gave her the means to implement her vision where she has achieved proof of concept, successfully challenging publishing convention. She brings that success to you with a nuts and bolts seminar and workshop on how to create revenue on your IP before it leaves your desk.

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This workshop provides a comprehensive approach to a new way of publishing, one that puts the economic power in the pen and wallet of the author. You’ll learn how to leverage the advent of technology and changing economic models to protect your own livelihood as the creator. You’ll be guided through the steps a new way of publishing, whether it’s self-publishing, hybrid or partnership publishing, or even traditional publishing.

We’ll cover basic principles, and a different approach to writing and publishing and why this is important in the changing literary eco-system. We’ll also discuss the good, the beautiful, the bad, and the ugly on literary tech; how to overcome and circumvent barriers to profit; how to adapt your material to different mediums.