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Hollywood LIT: Taking Your Story to the Silver Screen

Publishing Perspectives Article by Peter Cook November 21, 2014 At the Hollywood L.I.T. Retreat producers, filmmakers and more shared inspiration for building a career and getting your story to the silver screen. LOS ANGELES: “They say that you’re invited to the Hollywood Literary Retreat twice in your career: once on the way up—and once on the way down. May I say, it’s great to be back,” joked novelist, playwright, poet …Read More

Remembering Elmore Leonard

Michigan Today Article by Lynn Isenberg September 17, 2013 It was my freshman year at the University of Michigan and Elmore Leonard arrived to speak to my English class. It’s been three decades and I still remember his round face and grandfatherly air. I also remember feeling we were in the presence of a renowned talent, but one without pretense. He seemed to wear his fame like the comfortable pair …Read More

CBS and TWC: Part III – The Semi-Finale: What Would Colbert Say

Huffington Post Blog by Lynn Isenberg August 14, 2013 I had just posted my 2nd contribution to Huffington Post about The Great CBS-TWC War with its potential for a National CordLetting Festival. That’s right, cordletting, as in “cut the cord.” I had joined the ranks of the many people who, I recently discovered, had dropped it years ago plus many more who chose to opt out of being held hostage …Read More

Letter to CBS and TWC Part II: HDTV Antenna Comes Home

Huffington Post Blog by Lynn Isenberg August 13, 2013 Per my first official Huffington Post on August 7, I received a comment with a simple solution, “Go to Radio Shack; get an HDTV Antenna.” So I did. The trip was smooth and painless. Behind the counter, Jose was cheerful and reassuring that this will work as long as my digital TVs were fairly new; the flat screen downstairs was, the …Read More

A Letter to CBS and TWC

Huffington Post Blog by Lynn Isenberg August 8, 2013 Just how much is CBS asking Time Warner Cable to pay them to carry their programming? Just how much does TWC already pay? TWC makes money off of monthly subscription fees. CBS makes money off of TWC for a portion of those fees, plus advertising fees. Why can’t the CEO’s at the top cut their pay packages down? Then I went …Read More

The Benefits of Book Clubbing

Dear Knowledge Seekers, Dedicated Readers, Word Scanners, Self Educators, & Intelligentsia: On St. Patrick’s Day I attended the Bad Girls Book Club as their Guest Author.  FYI, their tagline is “where half the club doesn’t read the book and the other half doesn’t show up.” Okay, so expectations were low from the start!  I brought my “show and tell” (books, spin-off books, power points, DVDs, marketing goodies, etc.) and… I …Read More

A Cruise for Cremains

Here’s the latest in funeral trend news… once again, Maddy Banks tackles and solves this issue in the third installment of The Funeral Planner Goes Global addressing the needs of the country (based on my interviews with the President of the China Funeral Association in Beijing)—though this is pretty cool and a great space saving alternative with columbarium walls that supply energy… CNN Article by Priyanka Boghani November 28, 2012 …Read More