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Literary Management & Brand Partnership

Focus Media Inc. provides traditional and alternative channels for generating revenue on your literary properties before, during and after publishing. We offer author-favorable revenue sharing programs outside of traditional sales. By creating leveraging the content in your work and high level partnerships, we create revenue-generating value to your literary property in addition to building multi-platforms for distribution and ancillary sales.
Initial ConsultationOne Hour Thorough Discussion of Literary Property Goals, Objectives & Timelines
Reading & AnalysisBook, Novel, Manuscript (up to 400 pages) Includes notes and follow up discussion. 1x Read Through. Two Day Read. One Day Analysis.
Brand Building BriefComprehensive Customized Full Outline of Plan & Implementation. This is where all the creative and business strategy goes. Above Fees are 50% off with this option. Fee depends on the scope of the project.
Strategic Partnership Brand PartnershipsHigh Level Strategic Partnerships & Brand Partnerships Including Cross Promotional & Wholesale Volume-Buy Opportunities. Negotiable Time Frames and Fees depending on scope.
Entertainment Industry Introductions and Alliances High Level Strategic Introductions, Pitch Meetings at Networks & Studios, Adaptation Resources, Finance Options & Funding Alternatives. $5,000 to set up 4-5 meetings. $5,000 to prep, lead, and accompany client to 2-4 meetings/day. Negotiable with % participation.

Integrated Marketing

Focus Media Inc. leverages over 25 years of experience and insider relationships in the industry and its allied partners in film, television, cable, digital, social media, cutting edge technologies, publishing, advertising, branded content, video game, theater, and live events — to build and execute comprehensive integrated marketing campaigns for authors, writers, publishers, entrepreneurs, and businesses.
Brand Strategy BriefComprehensive Customized Creative Brand Building Strategy Brief
Strategic Brand PartnershipsCustomized Brand Partnerships
Viral Video MarketingCustomized Viral Video Marketing & Promotions. Paid Search available.
Branded Content DistributionClick Rate Payment Opportunities
Social Media CampaignCustomized Design, Implementation & Project Management
Social Media Setup2 Customized Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
Social Media VideoSocial Media Video (2-3 mins) Including Media Coaching, Writing, Producing, Editing & Distributing
Crowd Funding CampaignCustomized Video, Design, Implementation & Project Management
Google AdWords CampaignCustomized Strategy, Implementation & Project Management
WP Website & BlogCustomized WordPress Content Management System Implementation with Embedded Video Players & SEO
Public RelationsTargeted Public Relations & Implementation Including 1 National Press Release
Media OutreachMedia Out Reach to 35 Journalists, Bloggers, Book Reviewers & Product Reviewers
Book TourCustomized Tour Design, Itinerary, Implementation & Project Management

Publishing & Distribution

Focus Media, Inc. helps you complete your book with marketing strategies baked into publishing and distribution strategies. FMI provides award winning graphic designers, editors, and ghost writers and a strategy for publishing and distributing your book to maximize sales in both traditional and alternative channels. We have preferred publishers we like to work with, yet we are agnostic in guiding you a path that best suits your goals, objectives, and timelines.
Copy & Content EditingContent, Grammar & Syntax Editing
Ghost WritingWith New York Times Best-Selling Writers
Cover DesignFront & Back Cover Including Spine
Interior Layout DesignFull Interior Layout Design Including Front Matter & Proofreading for Print & eBook (Kindle & ePub) Formats
Publishing & DistributionPrint & Digital Platforms Including ISBN & Copyright Registration
Distribution ManagementBookstores, Secondary Markets & Alternative Channels Including Tip-Sheet

Rates Available Upon Request


Lynn brings energy, enthusiasm, media marketing savvy and an articulate sense of humor to everything she touches.

Mark Schurman, Director, Corporate Communications, Herman Miller

Lynn Isenberg joined the extended marketing efforts of our PC game, Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force, and immediately became a force for the game. Her understanding of our audience, especially the important target of Star Trek fans around the internet, proved itself over and over as she guided us to make the right choices. However, where Lynn really proved herself was in helping take our message to a braider and new audience. She stayed on top of all organizational efforts, and let my marketing team concentrate on other areas since her part was so well handled.

Laird Malamed, Vice President, Activision

Lynn focuses on growth and delivers increased awareness for her clients through clever programs built on lateral thinking and high-level relationships.

Andy Halliday, CEO, OurStory.com