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Lights Out Enterprises™

Lights Out Enterprises™ provides high-end preparation, planning, and production for unique, personalized life celebrations catering to affluent pre-need clients.

We provide compelling, interactive experiences through a combination of products and services including creative strategic thinking to specialized even planning with full video/dvd high-end production value for individuals seeking meaningful pre-need even planning repurposed for marker birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and tributes.

Lights Out Enterprises™ presents a new way to prepare for life celebrations, be it your 50th birthday party, an anniversary, or an honorary tribute or a memorial tribute.

Our vision is to challenge convention and shift America’s perception to honor a life and celebrate the impact we have on each other.

Lights Out™ turns the light on – life celebrations!

  • The Funeral Planner™

    Protagonist Madison Banks came to life in the entrepreneurial comedy novel “The Funeral Planner”. Madison’s other, so to speak is author Lynn Isenberg, who came up with the idea of turning Madison’s novel business idea into reality and in the spirit of Madison, no pun intended, launched Lights Out Enterprises™. The kernel idea for the novel came about when the author experienced a live performance by a singer at her brother’s funeral per his pre-need wishes. The author’s college roommate whispered to her, “Gee, I’m sorry I didn’t bring my boys so they could see that a funeral doesn’t have to be so sad.” And that’s when the author, in an attempt to avoid her own grief, wrote the novel about an ambitious entrepreneurial young woman who brings life to a dead business and in the process learns to live life by confronting her own grief. Lights Out Enterprises™ is a mirror of art following life and life following art.

  • When people are born, we rejoice, when they marry, we celebrate; yet when they die, we pretend nothing happened.

    The famous cultural anthropologist Margaret Meade said about death in America

    Well, Lights Out™ is doing something about that. We’ve learned that when you confront the end, the beginning and middle just get better!

  • Lights Out Enterprises™ designs and produces memorable and compelling celebrations that truly honor the recipient while alive or when the lights go out.  Services are offered all together or a la carte:

    Experience Design Consultation

    This phase consist of interviewing the client (in person or via email and phone) to gain insight into the individual being honored. The Lights Out Enterprise™ think tank creates a concept and an experience design layout and presents that to the client along with a proposed budget for implementation.

    Life Bio Video Production

    Lights Out Enterprises™ offers award winning high-end video production and post-production services with full motion graphics and animation. Creative storylines are developed and scripted for approval by the client. Through our strategic partner, our clients include the major entertainment companies in Hollywood and Network Television as well as fortune 500 advertisers. In short, your personalized video will be developed and produced by Hollywood’s most creative talent.

    Strategic Partners’ Motion Picture & TV Advertising clients and Production Music clients include:
    Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Disney, Dreamworks, Miramax, Lions Gate, NBC, Visa, Ford, Budweiser, Lexus, Blockbuster, Sprint, Wells Fargo, MTV, Toyota, Citigroup, Starlight Foundation, Oprah, NFL Football, Motorola, etc…

    High-End Talent Relations

    Lights Out Enterprises™ has over twenty years of experience working in Hollywood. Our expertise includes relationships with award winning talent, celebrities, musicians, and speakers whole we will arrange to perform and/or appear at the live event of your birthday celebration or tribute. Furthermore, we an include the talent to be integrated into the storyline of your life bio video. Imagine your favorite actor narrating or acting in your Life Bio Video that reflects and honors you.

    Customized Branded Merchandise

    Lights Out Enterprises™ will coordinate with you on how best to make your celebration an interactive and compelling event by organically integrating customized branded merchandise and promotional products into the experience. Examples include glow-in-the-dark golf balls with customized engraved names, personal branded gourmet coffee warmers and mugs, popcorn bags or colorful handkerchiefs, digital camera used by participants as part of the unfolding event… well, you get the picture, or do we need to turn on a few more lights…

    Customized Poems

    Lights Out Enterprises™ will create customized poems for any kind of life celebration – birthday, wedding, anniversary, tribute, or memorial, end of life celebration, etc. Our strategic alliance with award winning poets provide creative and personalize poems to meet your needs.

    Sample Personalized Birthday Poem written by Angel Clarence II (whose father appeared in “It’s a Wonderful Life”)

    Private Estate Mausoleums

    We facilitate in the design and overall management of customized private estate mausoleums. For more information, please contact us directly.

    Audio & Video Messages for the Future

    AV Message for the Future is the way for you to participate in the ongoing life celebrations of your family and friends. Birthday Wishes and Anniversaries can include a message from you so that the gift of your memory continues to enhance the lives of your loved ones.
  • Real Estate Developer Norm Pearl (1943- )

    Developer and real estate magnate Norm Pearl came to Lights Out Enterprises™ not for time-of-need services, but for a pre-need designed extravaganza. Per Norm’s request and at his expense, we spent time getting to know him in his favorite environment – golf courses across the nation. We got to really know Norm and based on what we learned along with his magnanimous and generous personality, we suggested the following: A nine-hole game of golf at night on a private course accommodating 500 of this closest friends, family, and associates. A glow-in-the-dark golf ball with his name engraved on it. Stories told about Norm at each hole. Each hole named with signage of a constellation after his urban-developed projects’ astronomical code names. A 9th hold crowd gathering simultaneous tee-off of the glow-in-the-dark golf balls at midnight where the sky would light up. A live siphon orchestra playing his favorite classical music. A caterer serving his favorite food and drink; hot dogs and apple martinis. And just before the final tee-off, the announcement of a charity—a golf camp academy for urban kids. Norm liked the idea so much that he asked us to produce the event while he was alive to enjoy it with a reprise for when his lights go out.

    Genetic Biologist Hector Thornton (1948- )

    Hector Thornton, CEO of Thornton Pharmaceuticals came to us looking for a pre-need celebration. We met with Hector at his office and learned about his lifelong ambition to cure the common cold and his love for horticulture. We designed a celebration inside a botanical garden where we would serve his favorite drink, martinis, inside test tubes and pass out his favorite color forest green lab oats with Thornton Pharmaceuticals embroidered on it. Then we produced an audio cd of Hector’s theory on the circadian rhythms of plant life as it relates to the meaning of human life. The CDs would be passed out to celebrants at his 60th birthday as well as his end of life celebration. In addition, they would be distributed through booksellers and arboretums and botanical gardens worldwide with all the proceeds going toward the cure of the common cold.

    Sr. Loan Officer Arnie Haggerty (1930-2005)

    Arnie Haggerty approached Light Out full of life. After several breakfast meetings it was clear that Arnie was a staunch animal activist, a major contributor to the local zoo, an absolute gourmet coffee fanatic, and a successful landscape photographer. We put together an event which was unexpectedly produced eight months earlier. Arnie’s life celebration took place at the local zoo. Trolley carts with vegan meals and gourmet coffee were passed out. The president of the zoo and lifelong friend of Arnies’ spoke about him outside the penguin area (Arnies’ favorite animal). People were led on a tour of the zoo and at each animal, stories were told about Arnie. Digital cameras were passed out with super-imposed images of Arnie so that a photo taken of a celebrant next to an animal would come out with Arnie standing there, next to them. Coffee mugs with silt-screened landscape photographs of Arnies’ prized work were also given to attending life celebrants. A grief counselor was also on the premises for those who needed to talk or cry. His life bio video played against a rock wall near the penguins and his final words turned his estranged children into friends once again.

    Playwright Jack Rand * (1923-2004)

    A relative of Jack Rand approached Lights Out Enterprises™ as Jack’s health was failing and asked what ideas we might have to celebrate his life during a traditional funeral service. Lights OutTM inquired about Jack’s profession and discovered his many literary talents including his most recently published novel. In order to honor this accomplished author, poet, and playwright whose work has been performed Off-Broadway, we suggested that his memorial service take place inside a theatre and that pens and pencils with his name on them be passed out to friends and family as a funeral favor and for them to spend some time writing about their favorite memories of Jack. Those sentiments could then be expressed on stage either by the owner of them or by a handful of talented actors. The relative diplomatically passed the information on and the family ended up having the memorial service in a theatre to fully honor the attributes and qualities that made Jack… Jack.

    * Name has been changed to protect family privacy
  • Four intelligent women and one smart guy got together…

    Here now are their humorous, poignant, spontaneous and brilliant reactions to the question, “How Do You Want To Be Remembered?” ™

    About Lights Out Enterprises (0:37)

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    How Do You Want To Be Remembered? Allison’s Story(1:66)

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    How Do You Want To Be Remembered? Greg’s Story (11:38)

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    How Do You Want To Be Remembered? Lynn’s Story (1:38)

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  • About Lynn Isenberg

    Author & Entrepreneur

    In addition to writing the comedy novel THE FUNERAL PLANNER and launching the real life business it inspired, LIGHTS OUT ENTERPRISES, native Detroiter and Californian Lynn Isenberg is a Media Developer; an avant-garde content creator, producer, and narrative marketing strategist. Her critically acclaimed works include two comedic novels as well as feature film and television credits Youngblood, I Love You to Death, True Vinyl, and the popular series I::Design (which she co-created and executive produced). Her work in new media and branded entertainment includes Jill Sobule’s Analog Girl for Paramount Pictures as well as the premiere Sundance Online Film Festival and the upcoming Resolve (which she co-wrote) for The Creative Tank and TaylorMade Golf. In addition, she is founder of the renowned Hollywood Literary Retreat. Lynn speaks at venues across the nation about her novels and the role of storytelling in entertainment and new media. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan and NELP with a B.A. in English Language & Literature, a minor in Film Studies, and an MBA & Entrepreneurial Studies audit. Through her company Focus Media, Inc. (Finding Opportunities Creating Unified Success), Isenberg designs and produces cutting edge narrative marketing strategies for select clients.

    Visit: lynnisenberg.com and thefuneralplanner.com.

    An Interview With Lynn Isenberg

    Why did you write THE FUNERAL PLANNER?

    My father and brother died a year apart to the day. I had a lot of pain and grief to deal with, and I chose to do so creatively: by writing a book.

    What did you learn about grief?

I learned that closure is a misnomer: you don’t get over grief, you just get used to it.

    I’m collaborating with renowned funeral director, author, and bereavement specialist David M. Techner (who buried my father and brother) on a guide discussing these issues, which will be sold online this September. It’s called The Pamphlet on Grief Wellness & Personalized Tributes and I’m hoping it can help people by providing another perspective on grief and life celebration.

    What are the messages you wish to convey in THE FUNERAL PLANNER?

    • To massage a shift in how America mourns.

    • To understand that it’s not about getting over grief, it’s about getting used to grief.
Grief doesn’t go away. And there’s no such thing as closure.
    • To take away the fear around death, and to create open dialogue about it. By talking about death, by confronting it, the fear lessens. And by confronting the end – the beginning and middle just get better.
· To diminish intimidation around creating your own business, especially for women.

    • To provide a road map on how to go about developing the kernel of an idea into a real business.
    How did LIGHTS OUT ENTERPRISES become a real business?

    During my research for THE FUNERAL PLANNER (which included auditing the MBA/Entrepreneurial Studies program at the University of Michigan and immersing myself in funeral industry conventions and seminars), it became clear in talking to friends and business associates that this could be a real business. In fact, members of my Advisory Board encouraged me to launch a real business.
    What are your credentials?
I’m a Media Developer – with 20 years of experience in Entertainment Media including Hollywood, Television, Advertising, Publishing, Internet, and Live Events. I’ve worked successfully as a screenwriter, producer, author, speaker, event producer, creating strategic relationships for branded entertainment. Given my background, I can’t help but think in creative mutually beneficial terms.

    Who do you think will use the services LIGHTS OUT ENTERPRISES provides?

    People who love life. Those are the people I find are unafraid to confront the end and who understand that Lights Out offers creativity and compassion in capturing the essence, spirit, and fundamental core of an individual to produce an authentic tribute for one’s friends and progeny.

    When appropriate, it’s about bringing an element of humor to the table so people can experience an entire realm of emotions associated with a life celebration. The renowned storyteller Donald Davis taught me that tears and laughter are twins, and that we often can’t cry until after we’ve found the humor inside the sorrow. This is what life is all about -laughter and tears.

    It’s important to note that Lights Out Enterprises is not about servicing time-of-need clients – but those who are alive and well and want to create a MULTI-PURPOSED experience and life bio video for their friends and family to enjoy in the now and during a life celebration.

    Were there any other influences in your life that inspired you to start this business?

    My mother is the ultimate experience designer. Every holiday had a theme and a great deal of interactivity. I think interactivity is what solidifies the memory of an event.

    It’s the difference between buying a coffee mug or making the mug yourself. It’s the difference between ordering a scoop of ice cream versus a Cold Stone Creamery experience. Although, the better experience would be to let the customers get behind the counter and scrunch the ice cream up themselves. Hmmm, perhaps there’s a business idea there?

    So how does your mother feel about LIGHTS OUT ENTERPRISES?

My mother, a storyteller, believes Lights Out Enterprises provides a serious solution for those of like-mind. For her, life on the whole has been “delightful,” she says, adding, “I want to serve my friends and family a treat – Lights Out Enterprises style. I want to leave a twinkle in their hearts because I was always told I had a twinkle in my eye. And I want to thank them for all the love and nurturing they gave me. So… I want a live Klezmer Band playing at my life celebration and I want everyone to have Rugelah.”

    Do your characters represent extensions of yourself?

Ironically, it’s the opposite in this case. Rather than Madison Banks’ character becoming an extension of me, I’m becoming an extension of her. I hope I can do her proud.

    Facts & Figures

    Dear Friend,
    I’m writing to tell you about a truly unusual company that grew from an idea for a novel into a unique business venture. LIGHTS OUT ENTERPRISES, subsidiary of Focus Media Inc, stamps out the canned eulogies of the past by creating personalized remembrance ceremonies that celebrate life instead of mourning death. The idea came to author/entrepreneur Lynn Isenberg as she was writing a novel entitled THE FUNERAL PLANNER, a light-hearted work of women’s fiction coming out September 1, 2005 from Red Dress Ink. In researching the book, Isenberg discovered the following:

    • Average cost of a funeral = $7,000

    • Average cost to cremate = $1,500

    • Average number of funerals per funeral home per year = 250

    • Average number of funeral homes in the United States = 28,000

    • Cremation on the rise by 35%

    • The pre-need market – a $28 billion industry and growing as baby boomers age

    As she cleverly wove the business plan for Lights Out Enterprises into the novel, including a table of contents that mirrors the anatomy of a business plan, Isenberg realized her “novel-idea” presented an opportunity to turn her fictional business into reality.

    • Chapter One: Appendix A: Personnel Profile

    • Chapter Two: Missions & Visions: The Genesis of an Entrepreneurial Idea

    • Chapter Three: Market Strategy: Lights Out meets the Funeral Industry

    • Chapter Four: Executive Summary: The Plan for Lights Out Enterprises

    • Chapter Five: Rollout Strategy: Putting Reality to the Test

    • Chapter Six: Financial Strategy: The Venture Capitalist Reprise

    • Chapter Seven: Operational Strategy: A Power Surge for Lights Out

    • Chapter Eight: Competitive Landscape: The Past Reprised – History Repeats Itself

    • Chapter Nine: Critical Success Factors: Diving into Grief

    • Chapter Ten: Appendix B: Hands-on Experience: The Resurrection of Lights Out

    • Chapter Eleven: Risk & Mitigation Action Plan: The Stakes Keep Rising

    • Chapter Twelve: Finale: Playing Maddy’s Results–The pi`ece de resis`tance

    • Epilogue: Everyone’s Exit Strategy

    LIGHTS OUT ENTERPRISES boasts an impressive Advisory Board comprising the entertainment, funeral, estate planning and private wealth management industries, providing the company with built-in strategic relationships. To that end, LIGHTS OUT ENTERPRISES offers the following menu of services to create meaningful experiences to remember:

    • Interactive Event Planning Consultation

    • State of the Art Life Bio Videos

    • High-End Talent Relations

    • Customized Branded Merchandise

    The company officially launched on June 25, 2005 and already boasts a few substantial clients. Lynn Isenberg is also available for speaking engagements and interviews. For further information, please contact Danny Winston at danny@focusmediamarketing.com.

    The Book That Launched a Business

    Dear Friend,
    Avant-garde content creator-media developer Lynn Isenberg’s penchant for blurring the lines between reality and fiction has paid off. Her second entrepreneurial comedy novel, The Funeral Planner, has in fact launched a real life business aptly named Lights Out Enterprises, which launched on June 25th (her late father’s birthday) and has already attracted substantial clients. Reality may be at the root of all fiction, but in this case, fiction has clearly spawned reality.

    When her father and brother died a year apart to the day, Lynn Isenberg was understandably grief-stricken. But when an unusual solo performance by a singer at her brother’s funeral prompted her college roommate to comment, “Gee, I wish I’d brought my boys; then they’d know funerals don’t have to be so sad,” the words resonated with Isenberg. She was ultimately inspired to write The Funeral Planner, escaping inside the story while working through her personal grief.

    The Funeral Planner, a brisk new novel from Red Dress Ink starring female protagonist Madison Banks, hits the shelves September 1st, 2005. More than simply a hilarious work of women’s literature, The Funeral Planner – a la The Wedding Planner – is an entertaining fictional manual on how to start a business in a 28 billion dollar industry which more and more women are entering . Even the table of contents reflects the anatomy of a business plan.

    While researching The Funeral Planner by auditing an entrepreneurial studies program at the University of Michigan, it occurred to Isenberg that Lights Out Enterprises could be more than just a “novel idea.” With the encouragement of her media mentors, she began gathering venture capital and pulling together a notable board of advisors. According to Isenberg, “Lights Out Enterprises caters to baby boomers seeking customized celebratory events and high-end Life Bio Videos for the now and hereafter. We create meaningful experiences to remember.”

    In both the novel The Funeral Planner and her business, Lights Out Enterprises, Isenberg challenges convention through America’s perception of bereavement, massaging the traditional mourning of death into a joyous celebration of life.
    Ms. Isenberg is available for speaking engagements.

    For more information on Lynn Isenberg and Lights Out Enterprises, please visit: lynnisenberg.com 
or contact Danny Winston at danny@focusmediamarketing.com.

    Press Release


    Contact: Danny Winston, Focus Media, Inc.


    “Funny. Gifted. Intelligent. Lynn Isenberg reminds me of me.”
- Alan Zweibel, author, screenwriter & playwright,
collaborator with Billy Crystal on “700 Sundays”

    Maddy Banks has dreamed of having a successful business since she was a young girl. When other girls were reading fairy tales about princesses, Maddy was begging her parents for a subscription to the Financial Street Journal. She has brilliant ideas and a business degree to back them up, but so far entrepreneurial success has been elusive. Most recently, her old college nemesis, Derek Rogers, has beaten her latest venture to market, leaving Maddy frustrated and out of ideas.

    Her professional problems are pushed aside when she gets the heart-breaking news that a good friend has suddenly died. While enduring a canned eulogy delivered by a clergyperson who never knew her friend, Maddy realizes the importance of a personalized ceremony to honor the life lost and comfort the living. Isn’t there a business that fulfills this need?

    Looking for a distraction from her grief, Maddy works on a business plan for Lights Out Enterprises! – a company that will create unique and unconventional pre-planned funerals that celebrate life. With the guidance of her entrepreneurial Uncle Sam, she embarks on the journey to turn her ideas into reality.

    When Madison gets enough money for the start-up costs from handsome venture capitalist Victor Winston, Lights Out! takes off. Maddy starts flying all over the country to meet the demands of her growing client list. For Maddy, fulfillment has always equaled professional success, something that Lights Out! may finally provide.

    Everything comes to a screeching halt when new government legislation (with the suspicious involvement of Derek Rogers) forces Maddy to pull the plug on Lights Out! Devastated by another loss, Maddy retreats to Clark Lake near her hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan to figure out what her next move will be-no Financial Street Journal, no business plans, no distractions.

    For the first time in years, Maddy forces herself to deal with her personal and professional losses and figure out what she really wants out of life…and in an unexpected grassroots come-back discovers that self-worth caps net-worth any day.

    Isenberg’s penchant for blurring the lines between reality and fiction has paid off. The Funeral Planner launched the real life business of Lights Out Enterprises with a notable advisory board of high stakes entertainment professionals as well as a spin-off company called Fashion Therapy, all inspired by the novel. Reality may be at the root of all fiction, but in this case, fiction has clearly spawned reality.

    For more information on Lynn Isenberg and Lights Out Enterprises, please visit: lynnisenberg.com and thefuneralplanner.com.

Advisory Board

Lynn Isenberg | Author-President, Focus Media, Inc.

Avant-garde content creator and branded entertainment marketing strategist best describes Lynn Isenberg whose critically acclaimed work include two comedic novels My Life Uncovered and The Funeral Planner. Among her feature film and television credits are Youngblood, I Love You to Death, True Vinyl, and the popular series I::Design (which she co-created and executive produced). Her work in new media and branded entertainment include Jill Sobule’s Analog Girl for Paramount Pictures as well as the premiere Sundance Online Film Festive and the upcoming Resolve (which she co-wrote) for The Creative Tank and TaylorMade Golf. In addition, she is founder of the renowned and critically acclaimed Hollywood Literary Retreat. Lynn speaks at major venues across the nation about her novels and the roles of storytelling in entertainment, new media, and online marketing. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan and NELP with a B.A. in English Language & Literature, a minor in Film Studies, and an MBA & Entrepreneurial Studies audit. Through her company Focus Media, Inc. (Finding Opportunities Creating Unified Success), Isenberg designs and produces cutting edge branded entertainment marketing strategies for selective clients. Her author-screenwriting-producing website in lynnisenberg.com.

Ron Moler | President, Ignition Creative

Ron Moler is President and founder of a major movie advertising agency Ignition Creative and its sister company, commercial post-production house, Union Editorial. The two companies service major Hollywood entrainment studios and Fortune 500 companies.

Previously, Ron co-founded and served a co-president of Aspect-Ratio, a ground-breaking movie advertising agency. In addition, he has produced and directed several feature films. His producing credits include the hit films “Bachelor Party” starring Tom Hanks for 20th Century Fox; “I Love You To Death” starring Kevin Kline, Tracey Ullman, and Keanu Reeves for Tri-Star Pictures; “Endless Summer 2,” the sequel to the world-renowned surfing film by Bruce Brown; the television movie “Maui Heat”; and the documentary “Hollywood Goes Back to Story”. His directorial credits include “Local Boys” starring Mark Harmon; and “The Runner” starring John Goodman, Rod Eldard and Courtney Cox.

Chris Fager | Executive Vice President, TuTv

Chris Fager is an experienced media executive who served from 1988 until April 1999 as a member of the senior management team in Hollywood that created the national television network E! Entertainment Television. An original shareholder of the business, Mr. Fager served on E!’s operating committee throughout his tenure. E! free from its initial launch into a global business valued at more than $1 billion. He was also responsible for the creation and stewardship of E!’s substantial international business, the area to which he devoted himself on a full-time basis from 1996, establishing E! as a first tier exporter of programming among America’s theme networks.

Earlier, from 1988 through 1995, he served as E1’s chief legal officer, overseeing the multitude of business, programming and distribution changes accompanying the network’s growth from fewer than 50 to more than 700 employees. During this same time, E! became a substantial producer of programming, creating as many as 1,200 original hours annually. Mr. Fager also created and oversaw E1’s Human Resources Department.

Mr. Fager currently serves as the Executive Vice President, Business Affairs of TuTv, a joint venture between Univision Communications and Grupo Televisa, the two leading Spanish-Language media companies in the hemisphere,. At TuTv, a start-up venture distributing Mexican thematic channels to American cable and satellite operators, Mr. Fager has broad responsibility for company transactions in all areas and supervises and advertising sales.

Before joining TuTv in 2003, Mr. Fager maintained a consulting practice serving media clients. In addition, he pursued a number of longstanding interests including journalism and the study of oriental rugs. Among other projects, he has written for the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Times Magazine on the subject of oriental carpets. He also designed and continues to present a course for the Architecture and Interior Design Department at the UCLA Extension, entitled “The Art of the Oriental Carpet.”

Prior to join gin E!, Mr. Fager managed a joint venture between the Stanley Kaplan Company, a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company, and SMH, Inc. to establish a national bar review program. He also served as the legal officer for a public company engaged in the development of independent TV stations. Earlier, he practiced communications and media law in Washington, D.C. for twelve years, first with Arent, Fox, Kintner, Plotkin & Kahn, and later at a boutique firm he co-founded. He has also been an attorney with the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and a Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Fellow. As an RFK fellow, he was instrumental in the creation and funding of a national student rights advocacy organization.

He is an honors graduate of Colgate University and Boston University School of Law where he was a law review editor. Mr. Fager resides in Los Angeles, with his wife and two children. He has served on the Capital Campaign Committee of St. James’ Episcopal School during the school’s successful fundraising efforts to finance its new building, and as the Treasurer for Hollywood’s Canyon Pre-School. He is an active little league coach.

Adam Taylor | President, APM Music

For over two decades, Adam Taylor has been helping intellectual property companies, organizations and individuals manage and extract value from their copyrights, trademarks and patents. As president of APM, Mr. Taylor continues to reinforce the company’s standing as one of the largest and most diverse collections of original production music available by adding the latest in authentic, urban-contemporary and hard-hitting rock alternative music to APM’s catalog through the addition of new libraries and exclusive recordings from up and coming rappers and rockers.

Prior to taking the helm at APM, Mr. Taylor was president of Taylor/Fox Enterprises, where her partnered with doctors, scientists and inventors to direct market and deliver their unique, patent-protected inventions to consumers. Before that, as founding partner of Goldman/Taylor Entertainment, he developed numerous properties including the television series “Confessions of Crime” for Lifetime Network, and the PBS series “Joseph Campbell – Mythos” hosted by Academy Award® winner Susan Sarandon in partnership with the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

Mr. Taylor began his career at Caswell-Massey, the oldest chemists and perfumers in the U.S. established in 1752, where he served a ten-year post as President and CEO.

Andrew M. Katzenstein | Certified Probate, Estate Planning & Trust Law Specialist, Proskrauer

Andrew M. Katzenstein’s practice focuses on estate, gift, generation-skipping tax planning; income tax of trust planning; and probate and trust administration matters, including resolving disputes between fiduciaries and beneficiaries. He also devotes a significant portion of his practice to charitable organization, tax and post-death administrative matters. Mr. Katzenstein is a Certified Probate, Estate Planning and Trust Law Specialist, as recognized by the State Bar of California. He teaches Estate Tax at UCLA Law School and Estate Planning and Advanced Estate Planning in the Graduate Tax Program at Golden Gate University.

Mr. Katzenstein is a frequent lecturer on a variety of estate planning and tax related topics. He appears annually before the Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills, and California State Bar Associations to speak on a wide range of topics. In addition, he has had the opportunity to participate in the prestigious USC Tax Institute and the USC Probate and Trust Law Conference, and has lectured in Europe, Canada, and across the United States.

Mr. Katzenstein received his B.A. (with high honors) in 1979 and his J.D. degree (cum laude) in 1982 from the University of Michigan. He received his LL.M from the University of San Diego in 1985. Mr. Katzenstein has served on numerous bar committees, including actin as Chair of the Century City Bar Association’s Trusts and Estates Section, the Los Angeles County Bar’s Estate and Gift Tax Section, and the Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Probate and Trust Law Section. He is currently an “at large” member of the State Bar of California’s Trusts and Estates Section.

Having published articles in Estate Planning Magazine, Journal of Taxation, and Taxes Magazine, Mr. Katzenstein also was one of the principal contributors to the probate treatise Marshall and Garb on Probate. He has also served as host of KFNX’s weekly radio talk show “Principal of the Matter” which addressed a variety of trust and estate planning topics.

Mr. Katzenstein is admitted to practice in California and New York as well as before the United States Tax Court.

Rebecca Rothstein | Managing Director, Smith Barney

Rebecca Rothstein is a Managing Director at Smith Barney and the Principal of the Rothstein Group in Beverly Hills. With 17 years of experience in the industry, Rebecca and the 5 meters of her highly skilled team focus on admission high net worth and ultra high net worth investors with their current and long-term financial needs. As a Senior Advisor, Private Wealth Management, which is a title reserved for members of Smith Barney’s elite Private Wealth Management unit, Rebecca specializes in Estate, Tax, & Financial Planning and the facilitation/management of investment banking relationships.

Rebecca began her career as an Investment Advisor for Bear Sterns. She also spent several years with Deutsche Bank Alex Brown before joining Smith Barney. During her tenure at Smith Barney, Rebecca has become a member of IMCA (Investment Management Consultants Association) and is a member of Smith Barney’s Director’s Council, which is made up of the top 5% of the firm’s financial consultants. Rebecca is also Co-Chair of the Directors Advisory Group (DAG), which is designed to represent the views of the 12,200 consultants in the firm’s policymaking process. Just recently, she was named by Barron’s as one of America’s Best Wealth Advisors (top 20). She was also named the #1 Woman Advisor in America by the Women’s Winner’s Circle, which is a supplement to Research Magazine and supported by Franklin Templeton and Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. Prior to her career as a Financial Consultant, Rebecca was a Senior Buyer for the retail chain Robinson’s in Los Angeles.

Rebecca lives in Hidden Hills, California. She has 4 boys with ages ranging from 15 to 22. Outside of her work, Rebecca enjoys exercise, cooking, skiing, and sailing.

Talent Team

Adam Belanoff

Television Writer, Co-Executive Producer

A graduate of Columbia University, Adam Belanoff has an M.F.A. in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television. Adam’s credits as a writer include “Start Trek: The Next Generation,” “Wings,” “Murphy Brown,” “Judging Amy” and the Fox series “Partners.” He was also a co-executive producer of “Cosby”, “Titus” and the ABC series, “What About Joan?” starring Joan Cusack. He has written pilots for CBS, NBC and Showtime and his most recent project was the one-hour drama “The Cure” with producer Gale Anne Hurd for CBS and Sony Pictures Television. Co-Executive Producer and Writer of “The Closer” on TNT starring Kyra Sedgwick.

Bruce Block

Producer-Director-Creative Consultant

Bruce Block brings his expertise on the art and craft of Visual Storytelling to Lights Out Enterprises. Bruce is continually sought after by major studios and networks. He is author of “THE VISUAL STORY: Seeing the Structure of Film, TV, & New Media,” and teaches seminars on the structure of visual storytelling at USC, UCLA, AFI, and for major media corporations.

Production credits include:

  • Untitled James L. Brooks Films
  • Holiday (Sony) starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet
  • Christmas With The Kranks (Sony)
  • Something’s Gotta Give (Sony) starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton
  • What Women Want (Paramount) starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt
  • The Parent Trap (Disney)
  • Baby Boom (MGM/US)
  • Father Of The Bride I and II (Touchstone)
  • I Love Trouble (Disney)
  • America’s Sweethearts (Sony-Revolution)

Visual/Creative Consultant credits include:

  • Irreconcilable Differences (Warner Bros.)
  • Bachelor Party (20th Century Fox)
  • Johnny Dangerously (20th Century Fox)
  • Pretty In Pink (Paramount)

Yasmine Golchan


Current Projects

  • Producer, Blue Blood with Yari Film Group; Bob Yari and Henry Boger producers.
  • Co-producer, Somerset Maugham’s The Painted Veil, Ed Norton, Naomi Watts star, Bob Yari and Mark Gordon producers.
  • Writer, children’s book, The Adventures of Princess Yasmine; the imaginary world of a multicultural child
  • Director, Women of India, documentary; classification, History & World Culture; A visual voyage into the multidimensional nature of women and their power in India


  • Director, co-writer, co-producer, Next Stop Eternity; 30 minute film; Seymour Cassel, Cathy Moriarty star; Best short film prize, World Wide Internet Film Festival.
  • Vice-president of Persik Production, A Bob Yari film production company, Los Angeles, California. Produced Mind Games in collaboration with MTA for MGM.
  • Yasmine Golchan Productions; Live theater producer, director and actor, La Bacture, Francoise Dorin; Les Violins Parfois & Le Chateau En Suede, Francoise Sagan; L’cole des Veuves, Jean Codeau; Boeing Boeing, Marc Camoletti; Un Beau Salad, Pierre Chenet. All performances at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.
  • Co-producer, Comedie des Champs Elysees, Paris, France.

Born in Brussels, Belgium. Raised in France and the United States. Reside in Beverly Hills, California. Theater major, USC; Film studies, UCLA. Experienced as a producer, director, actor in film & theater in France and the US.

Chelsea Low

Chelsea Low is an award winning Producer-Director. Her clients include Oprah, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carey, TaylorMade, and Focus Media, Inc. to name a few. Chelsea Low graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Sciences. Her from career began as a steadicam operator earning a certificate from Academy Award Winning Inventor, Garret Brown. Her steadicam work for film, television, commercials, and music videos include Chronicles of Narnia, Project Greenlight, and numerous projects for HBO, Lifetime, VH1, MTV Networks, ABC, NBC, Porchlight Entertainment, Columbia Tri-Star, Disney, Desperate Housewives, Oprah, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Madonna, Sheryl Crow, and much more.

Chelsea’s directorial work includes “Api Morado”, a visual poem selected as a finalist for the She-Dance Film Festival and chosen to be screened at the Sundance Film Festival, a DVD for the Long Beach Grand Prix, Streamsearch.com’s premiers Sundance Online Film Festival, and a compilation of gospel DVDs of Karen Clark-Sheard for Elektra Records. Her current directorial project is a Branded Short Film for TaylorMade Golf Company. Her editorial work includes the heartfelt documentary “Mind Over Matter” produced by George Shapero (Executive Producer of Seinfeld) and Elektra Record’s DVD starring gospel-singing legend Karen Clark Sheard. Chelsea proudly joins the Lights Out Enterprises Talent Team!

Jon Macks

Television Writer, The Tonight Show

Jon Macks has written for Hollywood’s top television programs, including the most prestigious award shows, late night programs, and television specials. Since 1992, he has been a staff writer for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Lacks has written for the Academy Awards since 1997, including hosts Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Whoopee Goldberg and Chris Rock. He was also head writer for the 76th Annual Academy Awards. For the last ten years, Macks has served as writer for the Emmy Awards. He was also a creator and consulting producer for the HBO series K Street. His television credits include ABC’s 50th Anniversary Special, Hollywood Squares, CBS’s 75th Anniversary Special and The Honeymooner’s 50th Anniversary Special. Prior to his work in entertainment, Jon Macks worked as a top political campaign writer. Jon proudly joins the Lights Out Enterprises Talent Team for Life Bio Videos.

Stephen Nemeth

President, Rhino Films

President of Rhino Films and Co-Executive Producer of “The Funeral Planner”. Nemeth’s credits include over twenty award winning independent films including “Flow: For the Love of Water,” “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas,” “The Frankie Lymon Story,” “Plumb Fiction,” “Dogtown & Z Boys,” etc. He is also on the Board of Wheels for Humanity.

Monica Piper

Monica Piper was a Campfire Girl. In the Bronx. “You sense your life isn’t normal when you’re sitting on the subway with a bag of marshmallows and a twig.”

Monica became a high school English teacher, and while finding it rewarding, left after a few years. “I couldn’t handle the money and prestige.” She studied improv with Second City in Chicago, and performed with “The Wing,” “Sons of the Sunset, and “Papaya Juice” in San Francisco. In L.A. she joined “Raisin Brain” at the Comedy Store. She then went solo as a stand-up coin and soon landed her own Showtime Special, “No, Monica, Just You.” She was nominated for an American Comedy Awards as one of the top five female comedians in the country.

Monica was recruited by Roseanne, to write on her show. Thus began her career as a sit-com writer. She went on to write for Mad About You and Veronica’s Closet.

Monica was recruited by Roseanne, to writer on her show. Thus began her career as a sit-com writer. She went on to write for Mad About You and Veronica’s Closet.

Monica was now a mother and sit-com hours meant too much time away from her son. She turned to animation. After writing for the cult favorite, Duckman, she became the show runner for Rugrats, for which she won an Emmy in 2003 and an Emmy nomination in 2004. She developed and ran, All Grown Up for Nickelodeon, and recently developed and wrote the pilot Stupid Cupid for Disney.

Monica’s features include polish and punch up for “The Rugrats in Paris,” and “The Wild Thornberrys.”

Monica is presently in development with an original adult animated series, “Stanley’s Gig,” and a live action sit-com, “Son of a Mother.” She lives in Santa Monica, California with her fourteen-year-old son, Jake, “a teenager, whom I love and adore almost every day.”

Tamara Rawitt

Tamara Rawitt is the winner of the 1990 Emmy Award for “Outstanding Variety/Music/Comedy Series” for In Living Color, which she co-created and produced for four seasons from 1989-1993.

Before forming her own production company, Rawitt was Head of Programming for ComedyWorld.com, a twenty-four hour/seven day a week Internet comedy network. While a ComedyWorld, Rawitt oversaw and/or created over 110 hours of original comedy programming, encompassing radio-programming, animation and scripts content.

Previous to ComedyWorld, Rawitt was the Creator and Executive Producer of She/TV, a sketch/variety series for Carsey/Werner and ABC. In addition, Rawitt served as Executive Producer on the ABC morning show Mike & Maty, which she launched for the network.

In 1997, Rawitt worked closely managing/producing for clients Paul Reiser, Eugene Levy, Larry Miller, and The Kid’s In The Hall’s Kevin MacDonald. In 1998, Rawitt served as an in-house producer and consultant for Vin Di Bona Productions.

Prior to In Living Color, Rawitt produced the 1989 sleeper hit I’m Gonna Get You Sucka for MGM/UA. The film shot on a budget of $2.7 million, grossed over $30 million. From 1986-1989, Rawitt served as a feature production executive for both United Artists and Vestron, working on films such a Rain Man, Dead Poets Society, Prince of Tides and Dirty Dancing.

From 1984-86, Rawitt served as Vice President, Production for Eddie Murphy Productions. Prior to working with Eddie Murphy, Rawitt served as Vice President of Marketing for Paramount pictures, working closely with Frank Mancuso on the marketing of such films as Beverly Hills Cop, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Trading Places, Reds, and Terms of Endearment.

Rawitt currently has her own television production company having produced for such entities as AMC, Big Ticket, Si Television, E! Entertainment and New Line Television.

Steven Starr

Steven is an award winning producer most notably for the Academy nominated “The Gardent,” and “Flow: For the Love of Water,” and “Joey Breaker.” He is the Founder of Revver.com and Anteye.com. Prior to entering new media, Steven was President of Motion Picture Literary Department of the William Morris Agency. His clients included Ang Lee, Larry David, Tim Robbins, and Ben Stiller.

Karen Waldron

TV Producer and Special Event Coordinator

TV Producer and Event Coordinator specializing in one of a kind celebrations for Private and Corporate events in Southern California. Karen was Co Executive Producer of the Hallmark movie “The Note.” “The Note” became the networks third highest-rated and third most-watched original movie premiere in its history. Notable clients for special event production include Mercedes Benz of North America, Pacific Communications Group, Brentwood Magazine and Heal the Bay. Production show involvement included the “Radio City Music Awards 2006”, Talent Coordinator for “The Oscar Pre-Show” 2006, The WB’s “World Music Awards,” Fox Broadcasting’s “America’s Party Live in Las Vegas with host Ryan Seacrest,” “The Special Olympics 2005”. She was a Talent Coordinator for The VIP Premiere of “Cavalia,” the show by the co-founder of Cirque du Soleil, “Earth Day Festival 2000” and the Bay Days Festival in Los Angeles.