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The Funeral Planner Trilogy

The Funeral Planner
The Funeral Planner
Goes to Washington
The Funeral Planner
Goes Global
  • Madison Banks has brilliant ideas and an Ivy League degree in Entrepreneurial Studies to go with them. But no matter how hard she tries, she fails to get lift off on her start-ups, and is constantly usurped by her arch nemesis, the arrogant Derek Rogers. When Madison attends her college classmate’s funeral, she launches the goldmine idea of the century and finds handsome venture capitalist Victor Winston to back it. Between the trials and tribulations of growing a business, competing with copy-cat Derek Rogers, facing unresolved grief, accepting love and trusting faith…Madison learns that celebrating life is the self-worth that caps net-worth any day. If you want to learn how to celebrate life and start a business in an emerging field, or any field… The Funeral Planner is a fictional manual for the ambitiously-inclined determined to create a life worth living.
  • It’s finally over. *sigh* A really beautiful story. Complex yet easy to understand. Practical yet emotionally touching. Serious but yet again witty. A true storyteller, you are. Thanks for posting and sharing it here :- !Aries W.

    It’s amazing… Waaayy too amazing. I read and think, and laugh and think, and cry and think again. And just keep on reading. Wow!Winston A.

    This is an absolutely fantastic and brilliant book. One would think that the name would put you off, but man was I wrong. The message in the book too. I’ve never liked the whole idea of wearing black to a funeral and all of that. This book brought my thoughts to life and I will definitely recommend it to friends. Bravo!Mid I.

    Wow! I extremely love how you have used Third Person in the epilogue; it gives a very unique touch to this novel. And all the happily ever afters….! I had to stop myself from screaming! Super happy! This has been a wonderful journey, thank you so much for sharing this with us. Thank you and looking forward to reading your future works. Good luck! x 🙂Arora S.

    This is lovely. The lead is richly developed and authentic. This could be a dark tale, but so far feels light and refreshing. Excellent writing on an awesome first chapter. 🙂
    I love the family dynamic. Parents who will drive you crazy, yet keep you sane. Perfect. The gentle comic note balances so well with the darker note of funerals and final goodbyes. It’s great how the wheels are turning on how those goodbyes can be improved through better choices and planning. So good.Vandi S.

    Unique spin on such a delicate subject. I enjoyed Maddy’s speech and touching moment with Tara’s father! Looking forward to reading more!Chciklit Reader

    This isn’t normally a genre that I read in, but your writing voice is so reminiscent of Anne Rice’s and I am so very fond of her voice. This is great work! I read part of your first chapter, and thought that was wonderfully well-written. This totally deserves its spot on the top 10. And I’m pretty confident we’ll be seeing this on the Featured List at some point. Well done! 🙂 Hope I can learn from your work too. 🙂Michael L.

    Very powerful words used, “by learning how to die, I learnt how to live”. For me, this was the most meaningful and moving chapter yet. When we lose something, we all shirk away from grieving, and try to tell ourselves it doesn’t matter, and that we should move on with our lives. But it’s this reason that has a sharp pain lancing through us everyday. Instead facing grief head-on, looking our losses in the eye…that takes real courage, and you never really get over something unless you allow yourself to feel the grief. For Maddy, it was her life, for me, it’s the death of a relationship. This chapter really helped put things in perspective for me. Thank you so much for this.Barb D.

    This story had just enough of everything I like: a tough cookie (Maddy) with sensibility, romance, comedy, family & friendship, community, its share of drama, and a happy ending. It also introduced me to things I didn’t ever read about like the funeral business, surviving a loved one’s death, and finance. The financing part I didn’t really absorb, I must admit. But the life celebration part has left me thinking – a lot. I always did tell my family that I wanted my favorite rock songs sung at my funeral and that I didn’t want wreaths. Now I have more to consider. Thank you, Lynn, for a wonderful story.Capri C.

    Loved the funeral planner. Look forward to the last two books. It’s finally fun learning something that could also build up your life. Thank you. Great read. 🙂Chim M.

    So so thankful to have stumbled upon this book! For creating a business for my business studies subject in College, this has honestly given me so many ideas on how to ace the project! Thanks so much!!Al S.

    This is the first book I’ve read by you but will definitely be obtaining others. The characters surrounding Madison were clever, funny, and supportive. I liked the twists to the plot and the evil dude from the past – who she gets to send away a second time. It is good when justice works. I looked at the website as well – how neat that it is still alive and that Lights Out Enterprises became real. Such a terrific idea. Thanks for providing me with an entertaining afternoon of reading.Virginia R.

    Thank you for this book. It appealed to me as a woman with an MBA who is intrigued by how it propels others to define themselves, and as someone who once considered becoming a mortician. I like the depth of the story and the characters. I absolutely abhorred Derek Rogers and almost put the book down because it is so hard to read about people victimizing others, and profiting. And even though I knew a romance was coming, it wasn’t a distraction. I’m looking forward to reading your other novel.Jennifer G.

    Hi there. I have just finished the Funeral Planner. Oh my stars!  How nice to know someone else thinks the way I do. I have paid for my celebration. Sorted the catering and am planning a “dress rehearsel” for my significant birthday in 2013. I have a “deathday box” containing my clothes/jewels/shoes, etc. for when the big day arrives. Have just updated my will and am seriously enjoying planning my rehearsal. Work colleagues think I’m nuts. Close friends and family truly get it. Currently researching “funeral favours” … I LOVE the concept!!!!! I am a shoe princess with a passion for spiders and love champagne and all things English language. With dominatrix tendencies on the side, my funeral favours will be a champagne glass etched with a spider, a pair of heels and a whip! Your book inspired me to actually get this thing moving. My deathday cake will be a black forest gateau decorated with purple and red fondant stilettos … best friend already onto it. Can’t wait to read “The Funeral Planner Goes to Washington.” LOVED the book. It made me laugh lots and cry some too. Best wishes from Down Under.Marieon G.

  • The Funeral Planner Press Release (June 23, 2010)
    The Funeral Planner Press Release (1st Edition)

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