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  • If you're looking for a strong producing partner, a writer, a brand manager and expert at how to get your foot in the door- look no further than Lynn Isenberg. One of the hardest working writers in the business who deserves her time more than anyone in the spotlight. Lynn will keep you laughing at every meeting while she delivers a passionate pitch on any project she is handling. Smart, quick-witted & talented. Always over prepared and ready to take on the giants in this biz, it's a matter of time before she is grabbed up and show running the next big hit. Any studio executive would be blessed to have her in their camp.

    Karen Waldron, Founder, Ampersand Weddings & Events

  • Lynn Isenberg is the most creative person that I have met in my professional career. She is one of those people with the exceptional talent for seeing the future potential long before others begin to realize the possibilities. Super bright, energetic, full of ideas and always has a positive outlook. Who does not want to work with a professional like this! Lynn is very accomplished as a business development executive, content creator across multi-platforms, and in creative and strategic marketing which she not only concepts but skillfully implements. I am exceptionally excited about the vision Lynn has brought to celebrating one’s life at the end of life. This is a unique space in which she continues to generate and implement great ideas that are game changers.

    Greg Grabowski, President & CEO, Seasons Hospice Foundation

  • Lynn Isenberg is a terrific business development executive as well as a prolific creator of original content across multi-media platforms. She combines her skills, resources and relationships across a wide range of industries to achieve and exceed objectives and goals. She possesses an uncanny ability to see connections that others miss and not only comes up with valuable concepts, ideas and high level introductions, she also implements them—a rare and highly valuable combination. She is an tremendous asset to anyone who has the good fortune to work with her.

    Adam Taylor, President, APM Music

  • Lynn is smart, funny and extremely capable - and I frequently rely on her informed opinion on a range of subjects. I can't recommend her highly enough.

    Adam Belanoff, Writer & Producer, Major Crimes, The Closer, Murphy Brown, Cosby

  • It was truly a pleasure working with Lynn on the Dogphoria project. She's a tireless advocate for her client who made sure our interests as a strategic partner were represented at every turn. We were very pleased with the results, and happy she helped make a difference for pets along the way!

    David Yaskulka, VP Marketing Communications, HALO, Purely for Pets

  • Having known Lynn for more than 15 years, I can honestly say that she is a menace. A menace to mediocrity, old-school thinking, and all things considered conventional. Incredibly creative, business adept, and well-spoken, Lynn possesses a skill set and fresh perspective rarely seen in the business world. A prolific writer, networker, marketing strategist, storyteller, and change agent, Lynn's mark on any organization or endeavor always leaves a positive and very, very lasting impression.

    Jon Samsel, CMO, Coin of Sale