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Jim Dratfield’s Petography

Project Overview

  • Literary Management & Book Producer
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Multi-Media Development & Production (established TV deal)
  • Marketing & Author Promotion
  • Targeted PR

Jim Dratfield’s Dogphoria
Ode to Wonderment of Dogs
Renowned Author/Fine Art Photographer Brings Smiles to our Hearts

NEW YORK, New York – January 15, 2011 – DOGPHORIA is good for you! Yes, good for your heart and soul. As author-photographer Jim Dratfield notes, “A pet is not only a joyful part of our lives but an actual health benefit; lowering our heart rates, decreasing stress and offering us that much sought after thing; unconditional love.”

Dr. Debbye Turner Bell, CBS celebrity vet and news correspondent writes a stunning foreword that reminds us ever so beautifully why this is true. “In the last 20 years,” writes Turner Bell, “science has been proving what dog-lovers have known for thousands of years. DOGS MAKE US HAPPY! From that first wolf that the hunter took into his camp to share a seat by the fire… to the luxuriously pampered pooch that drinks bottled water and gets regular ‘paw-dicures,’ our lives have been wonderfully and enchantingly changed.”

So begins our journey of joy as the dogs of DOGPHORIA reveal their true nature; innate delight juxtaposed with insightful quotes that together become not only a reminder of loyalty and companionship, but also a powerful reflection of ourselves.

“Dogphoria came out of this love I have for pets in general and dogs in particular,” says Dratfield, “I find them euphoric: honest in their emotions and pure of heart in their actions. Dogphoria is my ode to the wonderment dogs bring to us in our day to day lives.”

The book has another unique quality. It integrates the program in support of rescue dogs from’s partnership with Mimi Ausland’s “FreeKibble” for shelter dogs and brings awareness and support to Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Greg Grabowski, President & CEO of Leader Dogs for the Blind says, “Dogphoria captures in pictures and words what everyone who has ever shared their life with a dog knows – that seeing life through the eyes of a dog puts even the most seemingly impossible situation into perspective. Leader Dogs for the Blind is proud to be a part of a book that will bring a smile to the face and heart of everyone that reads it.”

In sync with the total campaign, Trupanion Pet Insurance also reminds us to keep our beloved canines healthy and happy while the Renaissance Inn offers our pets a respite of comfort and acceptance on our combined journeys.

DOGPHORIA is Jim Dratfield’s 11th book in a powerful pedigree of former successes. Known for his unique sepia toned film style, his bestsellers include PUGNATION, DAY OF THE DACHSUND, and THE QUOTABLE EQUINE. His fine art Deluxe Note Cards and books have sold over 200,000 copies. Jim Dratfield, a former actor with a docu-series in the works, emphasizes his unusual talent for directing his canine clients. He has also been featured on 20/20, The View, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, Primetime Live, and CBS’s Early Show. His celebrity clients include Jennifer Anniston, Barbara Walters, Elton John, and Henry Kissinger to name a few, but the real celebrities of DOGPHORIA are the dogs of DOGPHORIA. Two of the featured dogs in the book are Leader Dogs for the Blind; the Marvelous Maddy and the Loveable Lucy. It also presents the intuitive rescue-turned-therapy dog Terrific Tao representing PETCO’s “Think Adoption First Campaign”,“FreeKibble”, and Trupanion. Promotion for DOGPHORIA includes appearances from author/fine art photographer, Jim Dratfield (but don’t be surprised if you also have the good fortune of encountering Maddy, Lucy, and Tao at various venues around the country).

As Dr. Turner Bell concludes, “Reading DOGPHORIA is much like looking through an old family photo album. We smile because of fond memories and familiar faces. We smile because we see our loved ones. We smile because we see ourselves.”

“Dogphoria” is being published by FastPencil Premiere, a highly selective publishing imprint for top-tier authors. Jim joins a group of highly acclaimed, well-known authors in the FastPencil Premiere imprint who are already leveraging FastPencil Premiere – including Guy Gilchrist, author of “The Best of Today’s Dogg” among many other well-known cartoons and Mark Victor Hansen, co-founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, Inc. and co-author of “U R The Solution.” Additional authors include Angela Sage Larsen, author of the children’s book series, “Good Things Come on Tiny Wings: The Adventures of Petalwink the Fairy” and Steven Pressfield, author of multiple best-selling books including “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and “War of Art.” Together they represent the first stellar group of landmark best-selling and established authors and illustrators joining FastPencil Premiere.

Lynn Isenberg by e-mail at [email protected] for guest appearances, signings, print and media interviews.

Media and Venues
Audience members of talk shows receive a free copy of “Dogphoria.” Book signings offer auctions for an exclusive Petography session with Jim Dratfield, and the opportunity for your four-legged friend to be in his next book.

About Jim Dratfield
Fine art photographer Jim Dratfield, a world-renowned, celebrated fine art pet photographer, celebrates the fine art of photography through his studio, specializing in canines, and felines employing his unique beautiful sepia toned film style.

Jim, a trained actor (including a small role in Tootsie), has also been the spokesperson for Claritin (Wag Allergies) and A docu-series is now in development with Revera Entertainment about Jim and his work. He lives in New York City.

About Dogphoria
Produced by Lynn Isenberg of in partnership with FastPencil’s elite Premiere imprint. Book concept, brand strategy and campaign partnerships by Lynn Isenberg on behalf of author-fine art photographer Jim Dratfield and

About FastPencil
FastPencil is leveraging innovative digital-publishing, social media, print-on-demand and e-book distribution technologies to deliver next-generation publishing, offering authors simplicity, more control, speed to market and higher margins. enables authors to create books online, collaborate, publish and distribute from one engaging, simple, cost-effective solution. Beyond publishing tools and services, FastPencil also maintains a world-class, publishing imprint, FastPencil Premiere, an exclusive line of general interest titles that provides top-tier and best-selling authors all the benefits of FastPencil’s services to produce and publish the best of the best in book content. For more information please visit

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