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As Managing Partner of Focus Media, Inc.’s Tao Equities, Lynn is responsible for identifying and working with high quality real estate firms through business development, capital advancement, deal sourcing, marketing, branding, communications, resident retention, and community enhancement. Lynn is responsible for $60mm+ in private equity with a focus on multifamily in CA, WA, TX, MI, FL, OH, MD. She is also a co-founder of The Crossover, a multi-sports complex in Austin. Previously, Lynn was a Managing Partner and co-founder of Invigorate Fund Partners for multi-family workforce housing in greater Seattle. InvigorateFP achieved a 15% IRR for investors in four years upon the firm’s final portfolio disposition.

She has over 22 years of combined experience as an investor, co-GP, business developer, marketer-brander, and managing partner in commercial real estate. She is a former studio executive turned writer/author/producer and founder of the critically acclaimed archival Hollywood LIT Retreat: Lit. Intelligence. Investing. Tech. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in English Language, Literature & Film Studies, and an MBA & Entrepreneurial Studies audit and holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from USM. She is a CCIM candidate and member of FO associations.

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