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My Life Uncovered

A Hollywood Exposé

Who is Bella Feega? That’s what I wondered whenever I began reflecting on the strange course of events that led to my standing before five porn stars in an acting class that I had organized in an attempt to do justice to my dialogue, to speaking to an audience of a thousand swingers at a Holiday Inn banquet room soliciting jobs to make love on camera for the ostensible purpose of making sex education videos, or to sitting in a limo negotiating my own four picture x-rated writing deal with a rotund Italian hand and reputed organized crime associate. Every time and more like this, I ask myself, “Who is Bella Feega?” and “How did I get here?” And each time I try to trace my story, try to find some semblance of meaning in what was to be an otherwise ordinary but honorable life. I just didn’t know my own odyssey to tell stories would become the story I would tell, but here it is, a naked truth, a life of good intentions…uncovered.

Finding Myself In Porn

“Look you guys, you really have to go,” I implore reaching for the off button on the remote that Adam has finally set down on the coffee table.

At this point, the room goes silent. All of our jaws simultaneously drop because the actors are now completely naked and ferociously giving each other blow jobs. Adam giggles first. “You got a job writing a porn film, Laura.” “Well, at least in pays the rent.” Corie adds, “When it’s finished could we borrow it?”

I begin to pitch my most prized piece of work. But nothing could have prepared me for the disastrous scenario that followed. “This is the story of a woman who…” “Hold it right there,” interrupts the diminutive Aryan-looking greenhorn Hollywood studio executive. “There’s no way we’re going to make this movie.” “I haven’t even begun to tell you the story. May I ask why?” I inquire incredulously. “It’s a female protagonist. We’ll never make it,” he proclaims. Joe, the side-kick executive in the room, doesn’t say a word. He impishly sits there nodding his head. “But her husband, Peter, is an equal protagonist. It’s just that the story is told from Holly’s point of view.” “I’m sorry, Miss Taylor, but the demographics just aren’t big enough,” the little greenhorn states, standing up to leave. “The majority of movie-goers are male and they have no interest in female protagonist driven films.” “What about movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding?” I counter. He pauses. Then flatly responds. “No comment.”

I’ve known her since she was a little girl running around in Danskins. She was always entertaining… and she still is.Sandra Bernhard, Actress, Comedienne, Singer, Author
Lynn Isenberg is totally in control of a plot with more turns than a labyrinth and an out-of-control heroine juggling two identities. You’ll LOL at this naked look at the Hollywood porn industry, but Isenberg’s talent is not a laughing matter… Read it in one long gulp!Faye Moskowitz, Author, Peace in the House; Chair, English Department, George Washington University
Lynn Isenberg’s book is total proof that the best part of making it is your own personal story about how you did it. Funny, honest, twisted and deep – what else could you want? Oh, yeah – there are sex scenes!Jeff Arch, Academy Award-Nominated Screenwriter, Sleepless in Seattle; Author, The Bell Tower
“My Life Uncovered” is a comic adventure more infectious than anything that happens within the world of the adult films it chronicles. This is not a plodding minuet but a very intricate concerto well-played which I could recommend to everyone.Adam Belanoff, Writer-Producer, Wings, Cosby, Murphy Brown
“FULLY ENGAGING… Isenberg gracefully weaves the intricate plot of a charming young woman and her fortuitous porn writer alter-ego leaving us all to rethink conventional morality. Her wonderful storytelling coupled with an endearing humor makes it a can’t-put-down book.Katie Myers, English Major, Syracuse University
“My Life Uncovered is a fun-filled roller coaster ride through the competing worlds of Hollywood and adult entertainment. With the help of girl-next-door Laura Taylor, Lynn Isenberg gives the rest of us an inside look at a world of steals and deals that before remained a mystery. I laughed and then I laughed some more and then I laughed so hard I cried.Pamela Simon, English Major, Arizona State University
Laura Taylor left Michigan for the lights of Los Angeles where she hopes to make it as a screen writer rather than a waitress or pumping gas in San Jose. Her agent Scott Sher of Significant Talent Agency says he just cut a major deal for her. However, not only does she learn this was a lie, but that he has quit and vanished either with the Peace Corps or in a detox cell. When her car breaks down, her mechanic Joseph sees a script and suggests he take it to his cousin who works for Accent Film Company. Under the name of Bella Feega, Laura begins writing scripts for porno movies. However, Laura’s efforts to hide her money making career from her mainstream attempts prove difficult and futile as her two worlds collide exposing a good Jewish girl. MY LIFE UNCOVERED is an amusing look at Hollywood from the perspective of a talented wannabe. The vast support cast (a list at the beginning is critical to keep track) enables readers to get up close and personal with Laura or her alter ego. The frazzled Laura is the key to the tale as she comes across as genuine even when her antics seem off kilter. Chick lit fans will enjoy Lynn Isenberg’s ironic homage to the movies sort of like the Debbie Reynolds character in Singing in the Rain solo starring.Romance Reviews Today
Hot Pick of the WeekUS Magazine
Isenberg’s delightful debut tells the tale of a woman trying to break into Hollywood screenwriting who finds herself writing for a rather different clientele. …Along the way, she meets a colorful cast of adult movie star, connoisseurs, and a handsome cinematographer, making for a hilarious comedy of love and fulfillment in unexpected places.Booklist Review
For a steamy, funny, and well-written story about a woman who never gives up, try MY LIFE UNCOVERED to heat up your winter nights.Liz Ragland-Thompson, Romance Reviews Today
What happens when…. a really nice well-bred girl moves to LA to write the great American screenplay and inadvertently ends up writing the great American adult movie… (yes, inspired by a particular passage of time in the life of the author)All About Romance
Love this book – it’s always my go-to beach read!Natalie V., Fan


Project Overview

Integrated Marketing Campaign included:

  • Novel website
  • Original song by musician Jill Sobule
  • 10 city nationwide book tour
  • Radio, print, TV, online chats, WOM, speaking engagement

Return on Investment

  • Build credibility as author and speaker, over 100,000 hits on author website in 6 months
  • 50% increase in book sales
  • Bidding war for TV series by major cable television networks
  • Advertiser sponsored webisodes in development
  • 2nd Edition sponsored by corporate partners