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Hi there. I have just finished the Funeral Planner. Oh my stars! How nice to know someone else thinks the way I do. I have paid for my celebration. Sorted the catering and am planning a “dress rehearsel” for my significant birthday in 2013. I have a “deathday box” containing my clothes/jewels/shoes, etc. for when the big day arrives. Have just updated my will and am seriously enjoying planning my rehearsal. Work colleagues think I’m nuts. Close friends and family truly get it. Currently researching “funeral favours” … I LOVE the concept!!!!! I am a shoe princess with a passion for spiders and love champagne and all things English language. With dominatrix tendencies on the side, my funeral favours will be a champagne glass etched with a spider, a pair of heels and a whip! Your book inspired me to actually get this thing moving. My deathday cake will be a black forest gateau decorated with purple and red fondant stilettos … best friend already onto it. Can’t wait to read “The Funeral Planner Goes to Washington.” LOVED the book. It made me laugh lots and cry some too. Best wishes from Down Under.