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Laura Taylor left Michigan for the lights of Los Angeles where she hopes to make it as a screen writer rather than a waitress or pumping gas in San Jose. Her agent Scott Sher of Significant Talent Agency says he just cut a major deal for her. However, not only does she learn this was a lie, but that he has quit and vanished either with the Peace Corps or in a detox cell.
When her car breaks down, her mechanic Joseph sees a script and suggests he take it to his cousin who works for Accent Film Company. Under the name of Bella Feega, Laura begins writing scripts for porno movies. However, Laura’s efforts to hide her money making career from her mainstream attempts prove difficult and futile as her two worlds collide exposing a good Jewish girl.
MY LIFE UNCOVERED is an amusing look at Hollywood from the perspective of a talented wannabe. The vast support cast (a list at the beginning is critical to keep track) enables readers to get up close and personal with Laura or her alter ego. The frazzled Laura is the key to the tale as she comes across as genuine even when her antics seem off kilter. Chick lit fans will enjoy Lynn Isenberg’s ironic homage to the movies sort of like the Debbie Reynolds character in Singing in the Rain solo starring.