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The Self-Honoring Tribute


By Lynn Isenberg

Okay, you’ve created Shutterfly Tribute photo books for spouses, children, grandchildren, for parents and grandparents, for pets and adventures. You’ve become an expert at defining the essence of someone else. But what about YOU? What about honoring who you are and your own inner growth and outer achievements? Doing so has so many benefits!

Not only is it a valuable personal keepsake, it is also a self-nurturing and self-revelatory process and its purpose can be multi-dimensional. Self-Honoring Tribute Books that reveal your authentic self are good for you. They support personal growth and development, help pass on meaningful traditions and legacies, and provide opportunities to heal memories or experiences generated by a photograph.

Photographs bring us back to who we once were, who we are now, who we are becoming, and how we want to be remembered. They provide us with a way to pay homage to our own life’s journey and to those who have or are helping us on that journey. For with each season comes the opportunity to review, reflect, and honor our choices and experiences in life

Those experiences are tributes to our achievements, both inner and outer. What a blessing to turn the viewfinder around and get to know who you are in the present, to see how far you’ve come from the past, and to hold space for where you want to be in the future.

Creating a Self-Honoring Tribute photo book is an opportunity to look at our lives in a three act structure like a movie, to highlight the turning points, to release any regrets, to experience positive feelings happy images inspire, to heal the painful ones, and to practice gratitude and compassion for the unique gift of the journey itself. Our tribute book becomes a gift representing the messages we want to impart to ourselves as well as our loved ones.

What expression of self do you wish to hold inside the pages of a book? What words and images best express the essence of your soul and your life’s purpose? If you’re not sure of your life’s purpose, that’s okay; the act of creating a self-honoring tribute book may reveal what you could not see before. Consider creating a self-honoring tribute photo book for each year of your life – as an annual review and reminder of your personal growth and outer achievements. Are you on the path of your heart’s desire?

By Author-Brand Strategist & Tribute Expert Lynn Isenberg, “The Funeral Planner” trilogy book series and digital series featuring Joss Stone, and founder of

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