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100 Ways to Tribute


By Lynn Isenberg

Like Paul Simon’s song, “100 Ways to Leave your Lover,” there are “100 Ways to Tribute”.  Remember, “tributes” are about LIFE. They are the invisible glue of “friends, family, and community” and represent life cycles that we have the honor to celebrate. They can highlight moments that help shape a life with self-esteem to go forth in confidence like honoring a child for winning a spelling bee contest! They also represent the act of paying respect to the contributions one has made in life. In short, tributes help define our purpose in life. So here’s a list of ways “to tribute!”

1)  Create a Shutterfly Tribute Photo Book – a heartfelt expression of words and images for a special occasion or for no occasion at all which is sometimes even more powerful and meaningful because it’s completely unexpected and the receiver will have no expectations or preconceived notions associated with it.
2)  Create a Self-Honoring Shutterfly Tribute Photo Book – an empowering and healing opportunity for growth, awareness, learnings, and acknowledgments.
3)  Create a Tribute Share Site – your own “community” site that you can update as you please by sharing images, video, journals, music, and blogs within your private circle of friends and family on Shutterfly where it’s easy to do.
4)  Make a Tribute Calendar – a great way to pay homage on a monthly basis! Let your creativity fly. Create a calendar of images and under each photo’s heading begin with words like “In Honor of Your Heart,” then with a photo of them giggling “In Honor of Your Laughter,” followed by a photo of them with a cheek-to-cheek grin “In Honor of Your Smile,” then an image of them cooking with “In Honor of Your Inner Chef,” … you get the picture (pun intended).
5)  Make a Tribute Greeting Card – a beautiful reminder for someone to receive in their mailbox or inbox. Simply celebrate the joy and gratitude you have for someone who has made or is making a significant contribution to your life’s journey.
6)  Make a Photo Gift Tribute – by honoring someone with a photo and text on a t-shirt, mug, or mouse pad. Simply take an image or a quote or write your own words that represents the person or pet, and put them on an object that relates to them. For example, if your dad loves coffee put your image and words on a coffee mug. If your son is obsessed with computers put an image on a mouse pad.  If your daughter loves to read, put an image of her reading a book on a book tote bag.  With Shutterfly it’s simple to tributize an everyday product that makes it special. Choose the things that they like. It’s an opportunity to practice the art of thoughtfulness.  And you can make it a weekly, monthly, or yearly act of gratitude and recognition—which not only brings about a beautiful sense of appreciation to the receiver but it also brings a beautiful gift of giving to the heart of the giver – and that’s a healthful thing to do!

By Author-Brand Strategist & Tribute Expert Lynn Isenberg, “The Funeral Planner” trilogy book series and digital series featuring Joss Stone, and founder of

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