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Literary Management & Brand Partnership

Focus Media Inc. provides traditional and alternative channels for generating revenue on your literary properties before, during and after publishing. We offer author-favorable revenue sharing programs outside of traditional sales. By creating leveraging the content in your work and high level partnerships, we create revenue-generating value to your literary property in addition to building multi-platforms for distribution and ancillary sales.

Initial ConsultationOne Hour Thorough Discussion of Literary Property Goals, Objectives & Timelines
Reading & AnalysisBook, Novel, Manuscript (up to 400 pages) Includes notes and follow up discussion. 1x Read Through. Two Day Read. One Day Analysis.
Brand Building BriefComprehensive Customized Full Outline of Plan & Implementation. This is where all the creative and business strategy goes. Above Fees are 50% off with this option. Fee depends on the scope of the project.
Strategic Partnership Brand PartnershipsHigh Level Strategic Partnerships & Brand Partnerships Including Cross Promotional & Wholesale Volume-Buy Opportunities. Negotiable Time Frames and Fees depending on scope.
Entertainment Industry Introductions and AlliancesHigh Level Strategic Introductions, Pitch Meetings at Networks & Studios, Adaptation Resources, Finance Options & Funding Alternatives. $5,000 to set up 4-5 meetings. $5,000 to prep, lead, and accompany client to 2-4 meetings/day. Negotiable with % participation.

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