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As a recent recipient of a Masters Degree in Professional Writing, I, like a lot of my fellow alums, have been wondering what now?? Our instructors, all of whom have published amazing works, did it the old-fashioned way: they earned themselves agents and publishers and, in some cases, best seller status and movie deals. But the truth is, in these shifting and insecure times in the publishing world, most of us still end up feeling like fairytale princesses, hoping and praying for Prince Agent/Publisher Charming to choose us so we can start the journey toward a lucrative literary life. But what if there were an alternative route? What if we writers through our own efforts, could start getting an income from our work before it’s even published? Renaissance woman Lynn Isenberg not only knows from first hand experience that it’s possible, she generously shares her knowledge of how to make that possibility a reality in the amazing, mind-expanding Author Power: Profit Before You Publish. Step by step, she gently and clearly teaches the reader her “I AM” philosophy. Writers, she believes, need to be more than just writers to find success in today’s world. They must be “Impresarios,” self-starters who create their own brands and embrace innovative new ideas and methods like transmedia; “Authors,” Author Power authors to be exact, who not only complete and publish their work, but also act as architects of their book’s branding; and “Marketers,” unashamed of finding and using creative ways to get income from their creations.