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Writers of all publishing camps, whether traditional or indie, need to read this book. Lynn Isenberg brings her experience from the business/marketing world, Hollywood and the publishing world in a remarkable new way to increase that ever-so-sought after visibility.

Branding takes on a whole new definition with Isenberg’s tutelage. She outlines ways for authors to look outside the norm for getting their message, their novels to new audiences than ever thought of before. Just as Hollywood clamors for deals with big businesses to place products in their films, authors can utilize the same ideas within their novels with brand partnerships.

She warns that this isn’t “selling out” but rather joining forces with others that equally need the exposure to ensure it’s a win-win for both the author and the company/charity. It doesn’t stop with just product endorsements, but is limitless with social causes that need more attention to benefit charities and whatnot. As long as the book stays true and doesn’t pander to products, but rather showcases them in real ways the character would use or interact with them.

This book advises authors to look into tradeshows, conventions and other out-of-the-box venues to showcase the author’s work married to the subject of those gathered there. The avenues within multi-media are endless as technology merges with story more and more. Apps, video games, videos, short films, commercials etc. are among the many that could be included in this marketing avenue.

Author Power offers not only the roadmap of how to utilize these techniques but offers basic scripts for cold calling and examples of basic contracts. It offers sample press releases and multi-media sponsorship packages and ways to create alternative marketing campaigns. Above all, it brings to the forefront that in today’s publishing world, an author can no longer sit back and write without also being a business person. They need to think beyond the pages and be creative in bringing their books to the world. They need to bring the world into their books.